Seven Reasons why people buy smartphones

Seven Reasons Why People Buy Smartphones


Smartphone use has been on a rapid increase in recent years globally and it is commonplace now to see them being used in everyday settings by all age groups.


But why do people buy smart phones over normal phones? Well there are loads of reasons why, but we have tried to sum it up below in seven key points, according to recent surveys.


Seven Reasons Why People Buy Smartphones:


To Take Photos – In recent surveys over 50% of users use their smart phone on a regular basis to take photos and upload to their social media.

Social Networking – With the boom in popularity of social networking, we all like to be able to access & update our profiles on the go, so a smart phone provides us with a seamless way to do this.

Listen To Music & Watch Videos – Over 90% of smart phone users have listened to music on their device as some time.

Work – Checking email or using certain productivity apps.

Mobile Gaming – Especially popular in the younger age category.

Web Browsing – Over 79% of smart phone users access the internet daily.

New Apps – Allows the flexibility to download and install the latest apps for entertainment, news, productivity and more.

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