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What is the cost of investment required to open a Click Franchise?

• The cost will depend on the size & condition of the premises. The

turnkey cost will be in the region of €100,000 - €115,000.


• How much is the initial franchise fee?

• The initial franchise, NSO, training & support fee is €20,000.


• How much is the franchise royalty & marketing fees?

• The franchise royalty fee is 8% of net sales plus the marketing contribution of 2% of net sales.


• What is the duration of a Click franchise agreement?

• 5 years, with a right of renewal for a further 5 years.


• How long does it take to open a Click franchise?

• Once the location is agreed & the franchise agreement is signed it

takes 10-12 weeks to build a Click store & implement our NSO (New

Store Opening plan).


• Does Click give assistance for loan applications?

• We will provide assistance in preparing your business plan.


• Is there ongoing support for my Click store after opening?

• Yes our Quality Assurance Team will audit your business on a regular

basis and we review your KPI.


• Can I convert my existing store into a Click franchise?

• Yes providing it meets our site criteria.


• What are the times for paying the royalty fee?

• It is paid on a weekly basis.


• Who are the approved suppliers?

• They are our supplier partners who guarantee best prices and you avail of our buying power.


• What is the next step?

• You will need to email Shane O’Neill on and request an application form. You will then be asked to meet up for an informal chat usually in one of our stores